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7 Exercises That You Can Do With A Pillow

You don't always have to go to a fitness center or even a fitness club to stay fit. In your own house, you can train your muscles, and all you need is a soft, cozy pillow and a comfortable ground to lie down on. So prepare yourself and take your soft pillow and let’s have a try together and start our pillow workout!

Pillow exercises

7 Glute bridge

Start with the bended knees on the back and the pillow between the knees. Thrust onto a bridge. Hold your ribs and your pelvis aligned. Raise your pelvis and squeeze your pillow twenty times. Drop your pelvis and put your knees over your shoulders to relax your back. For 3 sets of 20 reps, then repeat.

6 Pillow reverse crunch

Lie faceup on a rug or sturdy, padded surface. Keep a pillow between the knees. Lift your legs. Lift hips off the floor once your legs reach 90°. Repeat 20 seconds of this movement.

5 Knee pillow press

Get on the ground. Legs flat on the floor, toes should stand upright. Your thighs must be lined up with your hips, the hips folded. Your knees are angled at 90°. Place a firm pad between your knees and squeeze it for 10 seconds before resting. You can also do this exercise while you’re sitting in a chair if you don’t feel comfortable.

4 Forearm pillow hand squeeze

Place your elbows on your pillow. Make a fist and squeeze it. Then open your forearms and relax.

3 Quad sets

Place a pillow under your knee lengthwise. Take your toes out and bring your knee down to crush your cushion. Keep for 10 seconds and repeat for up to 20 seconds. During this workout, you can feel your thighs and glutes burning!

2 Pillow slides

Start in a push-up pose with your knees down on your pillow and a towel under both your hands and your knees. Start engaging your heart and push your towel in front of you so your back is smooth. Go back to the starting spot. Repeat it. Try to do 8–10 repetitions.

1 Kneeling ankle squeezes

For safety, place a chair in front of you and place your hands on it. The chair should be about your height. Place the chair so your arms can touch it, and you do not have to stretch to hit it. Push back and stretch the glute muscles on the ankles. When you want to contract, take a breath, and release it when you relax your muscles. Hold on to this position for about 10 seconds.

What equipment do you use to train at home?


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